DIY Simple Jersey Skirt love...

I have oodles of gray jersey knit left over from my DIY knock-off anthopologie duvet that I made (tutorial coming soon), so I decided to make an adorable simple skirt for Miss Olive. 

I found the perfect tutorial on, yep you guessed it, pinterest!! I so love pinterest. If you'd like to make one too, here's the awesome link to follow.  

At first, Miss Olive did not want to wear this new skirt but she is in love with it now and runs around the house in it. love it! and do you just love her new coral shirt from target!? 

Couldn't help not taking her in the front yard for a little photo shoot....


  1. I am beyond blissful that you are back blogging!! Miss Olive is adorable and we miss her so much!! Could Mimi please, please have a copy of the 2nd to last picture of her?!! Gotta have one!! You are amazing!! Thank you!!

  2. Oh, the skirt! Oh, the shirt! Oh, the hair! Oh, the blue eyes! Oh, the tongue! There isn't anything I don't love about this post! Darling. And look at your beautiful oleander bushes and their deep pink flowers. W O W ! !

  3. gosh she is so dang CUTE!! and so is the skirt!!