DIY Statement Chair Upholstery Sneak Peak!

My heart starts beating fast and I get really excited about projects like this! I'm a little crazy, I know.  I just find a thrill in ripping something apart and making it more modern or funky!  Robby regrets telling me about this chair that was sitting out on the side of the road waiting for the garbage man!  Our small bungalow of a home can't fit another piece of furniture!  
I wanted it as soon as I saw it!  I see so much potential in a piece like this and to see it just be thrown away makes no sense to me (plus I may have said something like, "I'll fix it up and sell it!").   

I haven't a clue how to really reupholster a piece like this, never done the piping around the bottom and up the sides, but I'm a learner and lover of DIY projects so I'm taking this on!!
The only thing wrong with this chair when we found it was a spring underneath was out of place. All it needed was a pair of pliers and we put it back in it's place! It's perfect now!!
 I've started carefully taking off the fabric and saving each piece as a pattern for the new fabric I plan to cover it with.  I still haven't decided what color to paint the legs and arms and fabric to cover it with just yet.  I promise a step by step tutorial on how I reupholster this chair soon...stay tuned! 

This is another chair we found at the D. I. years ago.  I covered it with some "scrap" fabric I had in the fabric box. I love how it turned out. It's now in Miss Olive's room! Here's the before and after....
(sorry about the "capture simplicity" logo on these...I had these posted on my photography blog)

There are some lovely and inspiring statement chairs out there...

Love this bright orange chair.

 Love this red chair in this bright and cheery room.

If i could only find this fabric! LOVE this turquoise chair with white legs. 
(from summer 2012-BHG do it yourself magazine)

I'd have never thought to reupholster this chair with a turquoise vinyl. It looks awesome!
 (from summer 2012-BHG do it yourself magazine)

LOVE this yellow chair. The Structure reminds me of furniture from my Grandma Boynton's house.

Someday, I would love a dining room like this one. I love the statement chairs on each end! Gorgeous! 

Now...just need to decide on fabric and paint for my project! hmmm....

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  1. Love the chair! And I know it will be beautiful when you are finished with it! Your whole house is fun and bright and cheery and unique--I love it. Good eye, Rob...you won't be sorry!