First Hair Cut

I like to think a few of my babies look like me. Lach sure looks like his dad, I think.   He's got those thick eye brows like him.  Miss Olive is a good mixture of us both.  Now for the little bug, he looks like Miss Olive too, but with even lighter hair.  When Knoxy's hair turned more and more white blonde I kept seeing these baby pictures of ME...I think I'm pretty cute. 

Do you think there's any resemblance?!!

A few people have called this little guy a girl at times because he's just so pretty! ;) So, I think it was time to give him a trim. Last night when he got out of the bath (kicking and screaming..he loves the tubby) and as I combed out his hair, my goodness it was down to his shoulders in the back! ;) Yep, time for a trim. Even though I know Mimi would be yelling, " No..don't do it!" :)
The little wiggle worm wouldn't sit still for even a clear picture of his new hair, so later I'll have to show you the back. Yes, I cut off the cute curl you see in the picture above, but he looks very handsome and still pretty cute! 
I love this boy. He always seems to make us smile and laugh. He's got such a funny personality! And my is he a good kisser!!! He opens his mouth wide and says, "AWE..." waiting for a big slobbery kiss! Watch out, sometimes he'll even stick his tongue out too! Woo!! Those are my fav.

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