Make a Link on your blog open in a New Window! (if you ever wanted to know!)

So, did you ever want to know how to keep your blog readers from drifting away from your blog when they click on one of your links? OR...when you're checking out all your favorite sites you love from a list on your blog and want to come back to your blog easily and quickly, then this will help!  Your links will open in a new window and your blog will stay open too! YAY! :)

So...here's what you do (and no, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or a blog expert!)

Say you want to link to your favorite store..we'll say target! you'll highlight the word you want to become a link and then click on LINK up in your menu bar.

Next, you'll copy and paste www.target.com or type the address into the box
NOW, you can click the box "Open in a new window" and voila it's done for you!

But, would you like to know how it's really done??? (that's how my brain works)

Any link that you want to open in a new window needs to have a tiny little code with it in order for it to work.  The code is this...   target="_blank"

Where in the heck does that go?  
This is what the whole thing looks like in code:
<a href="http://www.target.com/" target="_blank">target!</a>

So, here's an example of how to use this: 
Click HTML and it will bring up your blog post in code (sounds scary doesn't it?)

Once you're in that screen, hit command f  (I'm on a mac) on your computer and a little search box will come up and search the word you're looking for....

Now right after the closed quotation mark after the link's URL address, add "target="_blank"

That's it! :)    
(you never know this might come in handy someday?!)

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