Pizza on the BBQ Grill!

Wow, another post about food! I must be hungry...
We LOVE Pizza!  It's Rob's and Lachlan's favorite food. They would eat it EVERY day if I let them.  When I was growing up, as a tradition in our family, we would make homemade pizza every New Year's Eve!  So, every time we make homemade pizza it brings back those good memories. 

Every friday night is Pizza night at our house, but when the weather started getting REALLY HOT I couldn't stand to turn the oven on and heat up the house even more. So, we decided to cook it on the GRILL!  Yes, it's not very fun for the person outside in the 110 degree heat, but it sure beats heating up the whole house!  

We decided this is now our favorite way of making pizza. We LOVE the smokey, fire grilled taste of this Pizza. It's DE-lish. One thing we've learned, though, is to make sure we don't burn it or our kids whine and cry over the black stuff on the bottom. So...we've learned to keep the heat LOW and check it often. We cook our Pizza for 4 minutes, check it, and then usually another 4 minutes. 

When I'm lazy, this is how we make it...

Earlier in the day:
place frozen Rhodes Rolls in a baking dish with plastic covering the top (spray with cooking spray before you place plastic on top)

Right before dinner: 
open a jar of Prego spagetti sauce (or any sauce you have on hand)
mozz cheese
mexican blend cheese
canadian bacon

Now grab one or two raised Rhodes Roll (depending on how big you want your mini pizza)
flatten out and mold into a mini pizza shape
poke dough with a fork
add your toppings!! (sauce, mozz cheese, toppings, then mexican blend on top)

Our grill has an upper rack that we place the pizza pan on. When we close the lid to the grill it doesn't shut all the way, it sorta rests on the pizza pan. You might want to find a smaller pan if you want to. Our pan is about 15 inches and will fit 3 mini pizzas. I bet you could use a small cookie sheet as well. IF you don't have an upper rack on your grill, I've seen people put 3 empty tuna or soup cans on the rack and place their pizza pan right on top of them. 

Cook for 8-10 minutes on LOW heat and check every 4 minutes!

Our kids LOVE making their own mini pizza's with what they want on top!

When I'm not lazy, here's some YUMMY recipes i love:

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