Cleaning out my desktop folders...

Before Pinterest came along I've been storing oodles of images in folders on my computer. Isn't Pinterest awesome?!...it's going to store everything i love to look at for me, and give me back my space on my computer. Gotta love it! :)  Sad to say, I can't remember where I got most of these images from. That's another reason I love Pinterest...it saves where you got them, too! I've still got oodles of images and folders that need to be organized in my pinterest pin boards...it's going to take me a few naptimes to organize them! But here are a few that have been "waiting" their turn. :)

 Someday, I would LOVE to make this necklace for My Mom or My other Mom. I love it.

Someday, I would LOVE to have a photography studio in my house. How awesome would this be?!  I would love it.

I just love embellished onesies. They are so dang cute. Especially this one. 

I'm addicted to color and this craft room is beaming with it. I love the bright colored walls and look at those stacks of fabric! OOOOOooo (clenched teeth) just like big stacks of paper...i love it!

This little guy is fun. I never made these for my kids, but maybe for the next one?! 

And then I found this...one of my favorite pics of my little sunbeam! He's probably 18 months old in this picture. We were up in Salt Lake City visiting my family and went searching for "the orange wall"!  We found it! :)  Oy, don't ask me exactly where it is cuz three kids later I can't remember anything! Downtown Salt Lake area, in an alley way. Hmm...next time I'm up north I'll find it again. 
It makes me smile!

Happy friday friends!


  1. Love this post! Yes, Pinterest is like putting our heart's desires down in a neat little pile! Love you...

  2. Can I just say how happy I am that you're blogging again Chels!! Coming to your blog makes my day!! Thank you!!