DIY Project list...

These are a few projects I'd lOvE to do...over the weekend! HA! We'll see how that goes. 
Lach has been asking me lately how big he is, so I thought it would be awesome to make one of these growth charts! I've seen a few on Pinterest, but really love this chevron, distressed growth chart! 
My plan is to go buy the board (6x1x5) and make a template out of cardstock or cardboard...I'm thinking of painting mine a white wash with a colored chevron design! 
Can't wait to show you it when it's finished.

When I came across this skirt I just fell in love! I've been drooling over fall fashion and wish it would FALL NOW! I love everything about fall.
I've already got this pattern for the skirt that I found on Simplicity.com for 20% off! Woo Hooo!
If you're interested, it's simplicity pattern 2315  I ended up buying the printable pattern so I didn't have to pay for shipping. Yippee! (although i would NEVER do it again...getting the pattern to print was a pain in the BUTT!)
Can't wait to make this! I've already been looking at the D.I. for a shirt like this one, too!

I LoVe the color mint! I tried looking around for a good deal on mint jeans...but, I wasn't about to spend more than $20!  No luck! ;) So, I decided to try to find some white jeans from the thrift store. I ended up going to TJ Maxx and found some for $7!!!! They were LONG too!  They were also bell bottom/flare at the bottom, but I knew could sew them to make them skinny!  
Thanks to my mom, who went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the green dye for me. 

About a month or so ago I decided that the kids bathroom needed a change. Ugly cabinet, still not painted from when we moved in (so it's an ugly dull color), the almost 8 year decor was getting too old for me...so it was time for a change! 

This is my inspiration...a beach theme! I'm adding some gray, and coral too... 

I'm going to be making a sign like this! I just love this saying.... 
(again, it will probably be in coral or mint!)

So, that's my project list! I can't wait to get going on them. 
Coming up in just a few weeks is my Miss Olive's 3rd birthday!! I'm getting inspiration from hello kitty for her party. I think I'm more obsessed with hello kitty then she is!  
Just love these cake pops!  I wondered how they made her little ears and how about they are white chocolate chips stuck onto the cake circle with icing! I'll probably take pics of how I make them...stay tuned.

Last but not least, I have fall fever! I absolutely LOVE the fall season. There's a few fall/halloween projects I want to make. I usually never decorate very much for the holidays, but times are changing. :)
i just love these painted pumpkins! 

What projects are you up to!?!!


  1. Wahoo, sis! Go for it! You are my inspiration - you see it, you do it...cheaper and cuter! xoxo

  2. Hey! I wandered over here from Anna's blog. I love your design and set-up!

    1. KC....Awe, thanks so much for dropping by! ;) I'm such a slacker...I don't blog very much! I hope you're doing well. :)