DIY Skim Board...Dude!

Lach loves skim boarding....and he's naturally good at it!  He's been bugging his Dad to make him one ever since he borrowed his cousin Jake's skim boards.  He really wanted to buy the $70 one (or the $200 one...I had no idea they were so expensive!), but since it's not in the budget right now we decided to make it ourselves! Wha-whoooo! I love a project!

First we picked up some 3/4 inch plywood from our home away from home...home depot. 
We had some cardboard laying around and made a template. We then traced the template onto the plywood. Really simple....so far.

Next, have someone that's not afraid of getting their finger cut off (that would not be me) cut out your skim board. 

Lach loved helping where he could, and did a really good job sanding. 
Mom then stepped in and really sanded it smooth...do the edges really well, too. 

Olive, aka rag muffin, helped sand the cardboard...very helpful! ;)

Next, see that blue swimming pool in the upper right corner of this pic? Throw your skim board in the pool, or tub, and let it soak.  (other diy-ers soaked their boards for 2 DAYS, while we only soaked ours maybe a day or less...we're impatient around here)

After soaking, place the edges of the board up on some wood and drop a few heavy rocks in the center. You want your board to "bow" up on the edges so it skims really nice along the water. 

Let dry for a few days. Then sand again making sure it's smooth. 

Next, we painted it with left over white paint and then added some painter's tape to make a design. 
Lach chose a turquoise and orange color from my paint box! 

(fiy...lady at home depot said to paint a fiberglass resin over the top of it before putting it in the water...well, the extra $20 to buy the stuff is sorta non-existant right now, so we didn't put anything over it. seems to be just fine, when we were done skim boarding we put the edges up again on some wood and rocks in the middle to let it dry again)

Cool huh?! 
We even painted "Lachlan" on the one end...
show you that next time, along with more pics from playing in the river! 


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are awesome, making your own boards! Love it. Lachlan looks like a pro on his board in the river. So cool - you rock!

  2. Of course he's good at it!! And of course he and his dad and mom will help him have the coolest board on the river!! Its just perfect!!! From start to finish!! (stole the pic of L...hope thats ok!?)