Skim Boarding in the River!

If we lived closer to the river the kids would like to go everyday! They really have a fun time...it's sorta like the beach..sorta. :)

 Knoxy loves playing in the sand and clapping his hands when bub does something cool on the skim board! 

Lach...pro skim boarder!  He's gonna be doing tricks and going off jumps in no time!

Knox is saying, "Mom, Scooby splashed me with water AGAIN!"

Scoob loves the river, too. Especially when NO ONE is there and he can run freely...like a wild, crazy dog! He loves the water!

Miss Olive...queen of the river! Oh boy, is she a silly girl. Tromps through the water like she owns it and bosses people around! :)  

Daddy even skimmed a few times!!  He's really good at it, too...

It was such a fun day! We were all pooped on the drive home! 

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  1. Knox's hair on the last shot just makes me smile! Oh how I miss you and your family!! Thanks again for sharing. Scooby was having a great time too! And it looked as though you had the whole river to yourselves!! Lucky!!!