Starting a little family tradition...

Robby proposed to me on July 23rd 2004.  Wooo!!
We were at my favorite fireworks at Mueller Park.  When he thought the fireworks had ended (because that's how good they are, you think they're done and then they fire off some more!) Robby started to get up from snuggling on the quilt next to me and all my cousins. They started up again and he laid back down, "Oh, there's more!!" he said.  I had no clue that in 2 minutes he would pop the question, but I did think it was strange he was so eager to get up! When the finale ended and we were all mesmerized by the big bangs echoing through the canyon, Robby got up on one knee (while I was still laying down) and took my hand. He asked me to marry him! He held out a white box and inside was a ring that I couldn't even SEE, but I said "YES!"  All my family piled on me to hug and kiss me and I knew they had all been keeping a secret until then.  It was a magical moment!  As Robby and I walked hand in hand back to the car, I admired the beautiful, unique ring he had just given me. He told me it was his Great Grandma Ida's ring. He told me that if I didn't like it we could get another one...are you kidding?! I fell in love with my ring the moment I saw it. It was me. I was the luckiest girl in the world. 
So...I think it's just got to be one of our little family traditions that we go to these fireworks every year! 
It always takes me back to where our little family started! 

This year we had all of Robby's family come too!  The fireworks aren't the only thing we do on Pioneer Day in Bountiful. There's the Parade on Main Street!  It's usually Mom that wakes up early to go save us a spot on the west side of the street in front of the White House (cuz the east side looks right into the hot sun!). But not this year, she just didn't feel up to it, so I did!  Heather and I met in the parking lot of Rite Aid at 5 AM!  Almost ran into a gigantic porcupine as it waddled towards the "campers" staking out their parade spot! We had a good laugh about that one. Especially because no one believed us that we really saw a porcupine!
We were able to get a good spot. We were surprised to hear that people were coming to the parade clear from California because talk of "The 2000 Stripling Warriors" marching in the parade! 
It was a great weekend with family and friends, and add to our list of family traditions each year! 

 Our spot under a nice big tree. Lucky for us it was overcast!!

Mimi and the kids sitting on the very front row! 
Olive was very nervous and a little scared of the parade when it started. 

This little bug wanted to sit with the Grandma who sat next to us (pic below)! He wandered over to her and put his arms out for her to hold him. She shared the seat next to her with him and her big bag of chips! So, that's what I need to remember for next time...his own chair and bag of chips! :) What a kid!

And here they come! The 2000 Stripling Warriors of the Bountiful Parade. What a sight. It was tear jerking to think of the time in the Book of Mormon when they really did march into battle. It took a good 10 minutes for the boys to pass. 

Janessa and her friend, Megan.  And Dad's big knee in the background! HA!

The Stephenson gang! 

yum.. Doritos!

Silly cousin Ally! 
Playin' with cousins Ally and Avery.

really?! the only picture of me is one squinting from the bright flash. 
That's what I get for being the mom with the camera.

What a great place...and being with family is the best.


  1. Great post and pictures! It is such a fun tradition, I hope we can do it forever...

  2. forever and EVER!!! xoxo love you!