And the Midwife is...

Choosing a Midwife was really tough for me. It's a big decision! I felt like all the midwives I interviewed were excellent at what they did and they each had great recommendations from others that I trusted. I really couldn't go wrong with any of them, but I felt it was important that I felt comfortable around them. I wanted someone that cared about me and respected me and someone that gave me confidence and strength too. Going into all this I really was self-doubting myself wondering if my body really knows how to do things on their own. From my experience or lack of I never went into labor by myself and just let things happen when it was time for them. I scared myself into thinking that I would be one of those that would be pregnant still at 42 weeks or more and that contractions wouldn't ever start on their own.  My midwife assured me over and over that my body does know how to do this and that I can do it! I started to believe her! With the more I read and learn I gain confidence and strength from places I didn't know existed!

I decided to first call the hypnobabies instructor, Kelly Colvin, that I had found online and talk with her about her Doula services and classes. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to find an instructor in my area!  She was surprised that I was just barely pregnant and already working all these details out. :) I made an appointment for a consultation with her to come to my home the next week. She was so helpful with answering all my questions and I got really excited to learn more about hypnobabies!

My first recommendation for a Midwife came from my hubby's amazing mother. From her connections with one of the best Midwifery schools in northern Utah she told me to call DyAnna Gordon. She came highly recommended! I called her first thing and asked if I could schedule a consultation with her. She was very kind and friendly on the phone and she asked me a few questions about myself and my previous pregnancies. I felt her genuine care for who I was and my plan to have a natural birth at home. A date was set for the following Saturday morning at her home. She told me to bring the hubby and the kids along too! At the consultation I was able to ask all my questions and felt comfortable. She has young children so I felt like she could relate to the here and now. She showed me pretty much everything she would bring to my home for the birth and told me all my prenatal visits could either be done at her home or at my home! I liked that idea very much. Something that I loved is that our visits would be about one hour. Twenty or so minutes would be doing the routine weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, listening to the baby's heartbeat and the other forty minutes would be spent just talking and getting to know one another. I liked that too!  Water births was something she loved and recommends to all her clients.  I left there pretty sure that a water birth was what I wanted to do too! We felt good on the drive home and one comment from the hubby was, "well there's no need to go to that other consultation!" :) 

My second recommendation came from a few women in my neighborhood that have had natural home births. Liz Smith, I was told, had a different personality but that she really was very experienced.  My conversation on the phone with her went completely the opposite.  She was nice, but scatter brained and in a hurry and didn't even ask me one question. She put me in her day planner for the following Tuesday and said okay see you then.  One thing I liked about Liz is that she literally lives 5 minutes away from me. When we got to her house you could tell she was busy with a lot of things and when she sat down across from us she said, "Okay, so what do you want to know!" I think I asked her one question and then we listened to her talk for the next thirty minutes. Mostly about how her and my awesome previous doctor don't get along very well (hmm...not something I feel good about!). I felt like she really didn't care to get to know what kind of pregnancies or births I had in the past. It was harder to get in all my questions and feel comfortable with her. I thought her comment as she closed the door was interesting, she said, " I'm not going to follow up with you so if you want me to be your midwife I'd be happy to, if not have a wonderful birth!" 

I thought I had enough information to make my decision but decided to call Kelly, my Doula, to ask her if she recommended anyone in town. She told me her personal story of how she came to the decision of finding her midwife. I loved that she shared that with me openly and one thing she was strong about was that Heavenly Father will help me in this decision because it is important to me. I got the name of her midwife, Cyndi Johnson, and called her right after I got off the phone. When I met with Cyndi I could tell why Kelly had recommended her because she was warm and very easy to talk to. One thing she said that I didn't like was that if I hit 42 weeks and labor didn't start that I would be transferred to the hospital. She was also partners with Liz Smith at the Birth Suite in town and shared many of the same methods and feelings as her. If for some reason she couldn't be there at the birth then Liz would come in her place. I just wasn't completely comfortable with that. I know these older women have delivered over 1000 babies, but I just didn't feel completely good about it. 

After lots of thinking and going back and forth and back and forth and after lots of praying for some inspiration I felt like I needed to just pray about one of them and go for it. The hubby wasn't a very good help because he would just say, "it's really your decision....whatever you think!" That did not help one bit. I told him its very much his decision too because he's going to be in the thick of it when this baby is born at home. He's going to be a huge part of it...not just there to hold back my knee and cut the umbilical cord when Dr. Lunt tells him to!

I called DyAnna to tell her that we felt she was the best midwife for us! She was excited and we made my 12 week appointment for the beginning of January! When I got off the phone I felt great. I didn't doubt my decision and never looked back. I don't think I've ever received an answer from Heavenly Father that was a YES or NO to any question I've had. I've always had to decide for myself after much thinking and pondering and then I feel His love and happiness for me if it's right. I think He knew that there really wasn't a BAD choice, just one that was better for ME. I needed to figure that out on my own first. :)

Whew! Glad that decision is over...


  1. love it! this is so interesting to me! you go girl!

  2. I liked your last thought...there wasn't really a bad choice, just one that was better for you. Good job, honey. You are wonderful!