Home birth with a midwife?! What?!

I knew I wanted to get pregnant again even though the hubby kept saying that we were done having kids after our second one and then again after our third! He was kidding, for the most part, I think because he only would say it when it was the most craziest of times. The times we would lay in bed and recount the details of the day of the cutest, funniest things the kids did made us laugh and smile and far outweighed the bad, crazy times.  I always had my heart set on a big family. I want to be surrounded by family and loved ones.

We weren't trying to get pregnant, but I would try to talk the hubby into it! He usually gave in. :) I think I pretty much knew I was pregnant as soon as we conceived! I just felt different. I felt that icky nauseous feeling that I'd experienced with previous pregnancies. I just didn't believe that I was pregnant because it was so soon. My period wasn't supposed to start for another 2 weeks. I was eating six small meals a day because I had just started the Take Shape for Life program and was worried that I would be having to stop with the meal replacements if I was pregnant. I decided to take a pregnancy test early and it was positive!!! We were happy, nervous, worried and excited.

We were mostly worried because we don't have health insurance. To be pregnant at this time was probably not the smartest thing we could have done because the mortgage job the hubby was working was just starting and not bringing in anything extra to put away to savings. I thought about the prenatal visits, ultrasound and lab fees and they made me sick to think about how we were going to afford all of them. Not to mention the hospital and doctor fees that would come also.

I guess that's when I started thinking about hiring a midwife and giving birth to our baby at home.  I started asking my sister in law about her experience and how to start looking for a midwife and doula. I knew that if I was going to have a natural birth that I needed to prepare myself by taking a hypnobabies class and also hiring a doula. I heard amazing things about hypnobabies and having a doula at the birth. I knew that I wanted that too. We found a few names on the Internet by searching for midwifes and hypnobabies in my area and I wrote down a few notes in my phone.

It was a money thing at first, but as I started reading and researching things about natural birth, I realized that I couldn't believe I didn't even THINK twice about the way my first three babies were born. Sure, I'd hear of natural births but thought that just wasn't for me. I am low-risk throughout my pregnancy and haven't had any complications with labor or delivery, but never once gave serious thought that I could give birth without an epidural. I had my water break on it's own for my first baby but nothing happened for two hours so we went into the hospital. Just by routine of the hospital I found myself getting an I.V. and started on Pitocin to start contractions. I didn't have a birth plan. I didn't know better because I never took the time to learn of other ways to do things.  Everyone I knew was being induced a week before there due date, on the date they wanted, or if the baby didn't come a week over the due date. I love my doctor and trust him completely. I was torn inside to think that he wouldn't be delivering this baby, but this time around I truly feel that if I am able to give birth at home with a midwife then that is the ABSOLUTE best thing I can do for me and our baby. I wanted to talk to my doctor about my decision and I wanted to know if something did happen and I needed to come to the hospital that he would be my doctor. I was surprised when the next day I got a call from him. He said some things to me that I loved. He told me that many women could give birth anywhere they wanted and they would have no problems. He said that I am very low-risk and that having my baby at home would hopefully be a wonderful experience. He cautioned me about some midwifes that overstep their bounds and to be careful in my decision. He told me that absolutely he would be my doctor if I needed to come to the hospital for some reason. It was very comforting to talk to him. He probably thinks I'm a little nuts because I repeatedly told him how much I love him!

Next, I had to make one of the hardest choices I've had to face in a long time! Choosing a midwife!

(thanks to a little bug in the ear from Cindy, I've decided to journal my experience with this pregnancy and birth...so I've dusted off the computer and moved the cobwebs out from around my blog! Here we go...)


  1. Yay!!!!! I'm crying right now...so so happy for you!! I just love what this kind of knowledge does for women...it's so empowering! Thanks for sharing! I am so excited!

  2. woooohoo!!! yay chels I'm so glad you're posting again! :) (not that I can talk..) i've wondered how this pregnancy has been going and I was so happy for you when i found out you were pregnant! i am excited to see how this natural path goes for you. how fun that you and anna will have babies around the same time! love you and i am so happy for you. keep writing!

  3. Ahhh...you girls are the best! :) Thanks for reading!!! I figured since Rob is in doing homework after the kids are in bed this would be a good time to "journal" my thoughts down on my blog. :)

  4. You're so brave! I'm proud of you!