My First Appointment! 16 weeks (thought I was 12 weeks)

I knew I was pregnant because I felt icky, like I was coming down with a stomach bug. Food wasn't appealing and it was hard to eat anything that made me feel better. I felt the worst at night. I would usually throw up at night. So strange. I don't remember feeling sick with my first and the other two I think I was only sick for a couple of weeks. I was thinking that maybe I'm having twins because I'm feeling so sick!! Who knows!! We will find out at this next appointment if I'm growing larger than what is to be expected with just one! One thing I did not do that I did with all my other pregnancies was call my doctor to get a prescription for a Progesterone Pill that I took with all my other babies to help prevent a miscarriage. I didn't feel the need to do that this time for some reason. But anyway, it didn't help that little miss O and I came down with the flu in the middle of December. I knew it wasn't "morning sickness" for me because I was throwing up everything and then some. Waking up in the middle of the night to dry heave and throw up stomach acid is NOT fun. I felt like I was going to die! BUT I did get better after a few days and little miss O only had it for maybe one day.

After spending the wonderful holidays--2 1/2 weeks to be exact--with our family up north we finally had to come back to reality and the daily grind of life. Its always hard to come home after being with family! It's like I'm in a slump for at least a few days. I was looking forward to one thing though! My first 12 week appointment with DyAnna. She came on January 2. We decided to have her come to our home because it was just easier for us! I love that about this time around. I'm staying in my own comfy home and not sitting in my doctor's office for 2 hours before I even get called back! NOT going to miss that one bit.

When she came for my appointment it was very interesting! She sat down next to me and started asking me how I was doing and then we chatted about scooby dog, my house and the kids! She started filling out some paper work and I weighed myself and she took my blood pressure and blood sugar. All the kids sitting around watching! My blood sugar was a little low. I had been running around all morning and forgot to eat a snack after breakfast. I could feel that I was low!! I went into my very own bathroom to pee in a cup and she came in after me to check my urine levels.  My protein was low. She said that I should be eating protein with every meal. Most pregnant mothers don't eat enough and she really wanted me to make sure I was eating and drinking enough. Now, it was my favorite part...listening to the baby's heartbeat! She had me lay down on my couch and put the fetal Doppler to my lower belly. Right away we heard the heartbeat! It was 168. She moved slightly to the left and there was another whooshing sound. She said that sound is the Placenta! Then she moved to the right and there was another sound. She told me that this sound was the umbilical cord! I had no idea they even made a sound! :) So neat. I loved that she took the time to tell me those simple things. After we listened for awhile we went over some other things in the folder she gave me and then we just sat around and talked for awhile! She wasn't in a hurry to leave or was rushed or anything. On her way out she gave me a hug! It was so wonderful and I didn't have to go anywhere! :)

My next appointment is tomorrow! I can't wait. Just a few weeks after that we can find out what we're having! And yes I'm going to be finding out! :)


  1. Chelsea, I love that you are sharing this experience on your blog. Very exciting. My sister had a midwife and wouldn't have had it any other way...thanks for letting me be a part of something so sweet.

  2. can't wait to hear how the next appointment went! :)