20 Week Appointment...

Today I am 23 weeks! Next thursday at 9 am we have an appointment at Dr. Lunt's office to have an ultrasound. :) I'm so excited!!

My 20 week appointment I had was supposed to be the end of January, but because my Midwife was sick and so was her whole family it was pushed to the first week in February. I was a little thrown off by the cancellations and with other things stressing me out I had to tell her that I couldn't pay in full by that appointment (you could get a discount if you're able to pay in full by the second prenatal) and it sounded like she wasn't going to be able to visit me in my home unless I paid in full. I was very confused! One of the reasons I chose DyAnna was because she could come to my home! I wouldn't have to throw everyone in the car and drive 30 minutes to her house. I know it's not that big of deal, but I like that option. Anyway, I was worried that she would tell me that I'd have to start coming to her house, but when she came for my appointment and we started talking everything smoothed itself out! She was under the impression that I wasn't going to be able to pay her the full amount EVER! LOL! Really, some people stiff their midwives!? I assured her that I wasn't going to do that to her.

The appointment went really well. Rob took the kiddos to the skatepark and that meant a quiet house for me! :) YAY! My levels (blood sugar, protein, etc) all looked good BUT I had gained a TON of weight since my last appointment and that worried me. I usually gain about 30-40 pounds total when I'm pregnant, but I don't remember gaining a lot in the first few months with my other pregnancies. I hope I can get myself eating better and moving more these next months ahead.
We listened to the heartbeat again and it was 162. DyAnna said she thinks it's a girl, too! :) I hope so! We heard that our Baby cousin that is due right before me is a BOY, when for sure for sure for sure we thought it was a girl! I'm not so sure I believe in the fast heartbeats are girls and slower are boys wives tale. But, it was true with my other kids so I'm not sure! We'll find out next week.

We celebrated Lach's sixth birthday over the weekend! It was so fun. We decided way before his birthday that this year we were going to have a family party instead of a friend party. He wasn't too happy at first about it, but I told him we could do fun things throughout the day. Anti-gravity and bowling were his two fun places that he wanted to go! It was such a fun day because Grammy, Popa and Nessi came down from up north! Nana and Uncle Troy came bowling with us too, and later that night we had Grandma and Grandpa Sharp over and ordered pizza! What a lucky boy! His "trick" birthday candles on the cake were the highlight of the night. He COULD NOT blow them out. It was hilarious!! :) I'll upload the video as soon as I get it off Rob's phone. :)
So until then here's my growing belling! .....

{12 weeks and 22 weeks}


  1. sooooooooooo exciting!!!!!! thank you for posting!! i love reading about your journey! you make me so excited for the future! :)

  2. I am so glad everything worked out! Can't wait to hear what little baby Stephenson is! And btw, you look so stinking skinny and cute!! Love you!

  3. can't wait to hear more!!! ;) ;) ;) can you tell i'm baby hungry?!?!?