Could my dates be off?

I'm 28 weeks! And before I get ahead of myself....IT'S A BOY! Finally, after poking and turning on my side,  our little peanut moved his legs so we could see that yes indeed, we have another little boy coming to our family! :) Olive and I were a little sad because we for sure thought it was a girl, but we are happy to have a healthy baby boy come to our family! She still wants him to sleep in her room and she will love dressing him up in tutus and painting his nails like her other little brother. She will be the best big sister because she loves to help and loves babies!

Apparently, I skipped a whole 4 weeks of pregnancy and didn't even know it. :) Woo Hoo! I went in for what I thought was my 20 week ultrasound and half way through she said, "Could your dates be off? Your baby is measuring 24 weeks!" She said that she would like Dr. Lunt to come in and check things out so she left to go find him. I was a little worried because I was pretty sure that my "period" in October was a period, but then again it was shorter and lighter than normal. With all the other kids I always had bleeding and that's why with all of them I have had ultrasounds very early on to make sure they were still okay. Dr. Lunt came in and he said that just by looking at me he thought I looked more like a 24 week pregnant lady! :) He checked the ultrasound and told us that all the measurements taken were measuring 24 weeks so that was a good sign that my dates are off and nothing is wrong with our growing baby. Whew! He wanted us to schedule another ultrasound in April just to make sure dates were still consistent. He told me to check with my midwife to ask her what my measurements were at my last two appointments to confirm things too.
I called DyAnna and told her the news and asked her what my measurements were at my first two appointments. She told me that I was measuring 3-4 weeks bigger than usual, but that she wasn't too worried about it because she knew I was having an ultrasound and that would tell us more than what I was measuring. A lot of things just made a lot more sense...no wonder I felt sick so early and started showing and feeling movements at 12 or 13 weeks.

I started my Hypnobabies class two weeks ago and I LOVVVEEEE it!  When I paid my deposit for the class our instructor gave us the first disc to listen to. Alternating listening to them everyday with "Your Special Place" and "Comfortable Childbirth" until our class started. I love the way it relaxes me and gives me some "me" time during the day.  At times it feels like my arms and legs aren't even attached to my body and I'm so comfortable. Other times I am fidgety and itchy and it's hard to completely relax and sometimes I even fall asleep half way through the disc! And that's okay! I'm just making sure that I'm listening to the track I'm supposed to everyday and doing my homework. :)
Class is long (three hours), but it really goes by quickly. I'm now listening to "Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations" everyday and alternating between the "Deepening"track and the script Robby reads to me. Learning the self-Hypnosis finger drop technique and turning my switch OFF and to the CENTER has been so cool! I love it. It's all very relaxing and positive. I look forward to my classes. :)


  1. Ah! You are making me so excited to start class! Im just so excited for it all! I want our babies to be here right now!

  2. WOOO! So glad you updated!! Wow, are you really 28 weeks already?? I can't believe that. Yay for another boy! But I know had badly you wanted a girl too! But your boys are so dang cute, this little one will fit right in. I'm glad all the natural childbirth stuff is going well. I love reading about everything!