What color should I paint my front door?

Here's our front door! 
I have always wanted to paint my front door turquoise, of course.  I have left over turquoise paint from when we first moved into our house. I bought a gallon just because I loved that I was in my own house that I could paint whatever color I wanted! And that is why that's my go-to color when re-painting something because I have OODLES of it! :)  I also have left over gray paint that we used to paint the bunk beds with.   So, I painted a scrap piece of wood turquoise and gray and put it by the front door to see which one looked better....

and don't you love my hand-made NO soliciting sign! ;)  I bought a vinyl no soliciting sign about a year ago that is WHITE so I need my front door to be a color for it to show up! :) And don't mind my sun faded wreath that needs some TLC.

Here's a picture of my dream home...
This home was a parade of homes this year and we didn't pay to walk through it, but we drove past a few times because I'm obsessed with it! I LOVE the gray, white and stone together. I wish I could snap my fingers and my house would look like this! It's gorgeous. It reminds me of a home up north and NOT the normal stucco St. G home. It also has a few pine trees in the front that I love, too. Okay, I could go on and on about why I love this home...but the kids are bugging me to go turn on the sprinklers in the backyard. It's 10 am, mind you, and they think it's 100 degrees outside.

Okay, here's my front porch...
Too much beige and brown and STUCCO going on!

If we went with turquoise, then I would have to have different colored chairs on the front porch. There would be too much blue going on! :) 
If we went with gray, we could keep the blue chairs but I would paint that circle thingy hanging on the stucco white or another color. Also, I would paint my house numbers gray or white to match. ;) 
But would gray be too dark? 

So what do you think?!  :) Turquoise or gray? 

Now I better go find my kids because it's very quiet and that's very unusual.


  1. Chelsea! Is that house up by grandma stephensons??! I swear thats the one I saw while imwas on a walk on spring break! I stopped and looked at it too! So pretty! And my vote is turquoise because then you could paint those chairs another really fun color! Or vise versa...the chairs could be a bright color? Good luck! Cant wait to see what you decide!

  2. Never be afraid to try new colors. If it doesn't suit your style, or need, you can always give your front door a new color. Instead of repainting only your front door, maybe you can also try repainting your wreath. Gray would be perfect for your house number, by the way! Have fun with colors, and enjoy giving your house mini makeovers like this.

    -Nida Eisner @ AllCountyExteriors